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The hamster-powered web browser and document reader

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Rodent-side assistance

HamsterBrow is a fully-featured web browser with advanced hamster-powered scrolling capabilities available on your command. 

An expertly trained hamster patiently waits for you, eagerly bounding into its wheel when summoned to assist with your web browsing needs.

Hand holding HamsterBrow on iPhone over the world-wide-web

Can’t swipe / won’t swipe

Can’t swipe your screen due to sticky fingers? Cold outside and wearing gloves? Holding onto public transport for dear life? Or perhaps just feeling lazy?

No problem! Super-smooth hamster-assisted tilt or swipe scrolling to the rescue!

Hamster-assisted tilt mode

Tilt backwards or forwards to signal your hamster to scroll the page.

Your hamster will pause while the screen is touched so that you always remain in complete control.

Great for skimming through webpages and documents while resting your fingers.

Hamster-assisted swipe mode

Swipe up or down to signal your hamster to scroll the page.

Touch the screen to immediately stop your hamster from running.

Great for hands-free reading or for taking notes.

Scroll control panel

Engage the scroll control panel in swipe mode for button activated scrolling. 

Take full control of the scrolling direction, speed and paging by activating the on-screen buttons.

Great for more finely-tuned scrolling and for interaction using iOS accessibility controls. 


All the features of a modern mobile web browser with a few extras for your HamsterBrowsing pleasure.

 Customisable hamster

Customisable hamster

Tweak your hamster’s behaviour to your liking, display an on-screen cursor and enable audio or haptic feedback.

Tabbed browsing

Tabbed browsing

Open an unlimited number of tabs for convenient browsing.

In-private mode

In-private mode

Prevent storing your browsing history and clear all cached files when done. 

Built-in search engine

Built-in search engine

Search directly from the address bar using your choice of Google or Bing.

Universal app

Universal app

Supports iPhone, iPad and iPod touch running  iOS 10 and above.

Drag and drop

Drag and drop

Move text and images between HamsterBrow and other apps on iOS 11.

Pro Features

Advanced features unlocked via an in-app purchase of HamsterBrow Pro.

Offline files

Offline files

Save webpage snapshots and documents for offline hamster-powered viewing.

iCloud Sync

iCloud Sync

Sync bookmarks, history and offline files between devices.

Choose a pet

Choose a pet

Power the browser with a cat, dog, chicken, dinosaur and more!


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    Welcome tour

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  • Pets, sync and support settings

    Pets, sync and support settings

  • Pet choices with on-screen cursors

    Pet choices with on-screen cursors

  • Support for iPhone X

    Support for iPhone X

Now available on iOS

HamsterBrow on iPad and iPhone